da Vinci Operation

The da Vinci technology

Advanced technology for the reliable support of our surgical medical team. This modern high-tech system results in many advantages both for patients and surgeons.

The da Vinci system consists of three components:

1.) The console

… is operated by the surgeon. It make it possible to obtain a three-dimensional surgical image and a 10-fold magnification. The surgeon controls both the camera and the robot arms with the surgical instruments. Movements are supported and are thus very fine and jitterless in the body. The surgeon is optimally seated and does not get tired as fast.

2.) The patient trolley

It is equipped with four arms. One arm holds the camera, while the three other arms can be equipped with surgical instruments (e. g. scissors, needle holders). The instruments are inserted into the patients via small sleeves (trocars). The instruments can only be moved by the surgeon on the console.

3.) The technical tower

This component includes the technology (computer, video recording). The technical tower contains inter alia another monitor.