da Vinci Operation

Advantages for the patient

Due to the 10-fold magnification, the three-dimensional view, the instruments that can be moved in all directions, the fine, jitterless movements, and the relaxed position of the surgeon, da Vinci operations can be performed with a precision which cannot be achieved with open operations.

In addition, the entire operation is carried out with only very small cuts (minimally invasive).

The general advantages for the patient when using minimal invasive surgery are:

  • lower intraoperative blood loss;
    as a result, almost no administration of erythrocyte concentrate
  • less pain
  • faster mobilisation;
    as a result, fewer thromboses and embolisms,
    less paralytic ileus
  • fewer disorders of wound healing
  • lower infection risk
  • better cosmetic result
  • shorter hospital stay
  • faster return to normal life

Additional advantages of the da Vinci prostatectomy:

  • better oncological results (= tumour healing rate)
  • less incontinence
  • better erectile function due to precise preservation of nerves

Additional advantages of the da Vinci cystectomy:

  • significant reduction of complication rates
  • shorter stay at the Intensive Care Unit (1 night)