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Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the da Vinci surgical system

As a patient or relative preparing for a da Vinci operation, you naturally have many questions. At the Vinzenz Hospital, we take the time to discuss all your questions individually during our consultation hours. However, we can also already provide a first answer to a few frequently asked questions in this section. .

Question: What will the da Vinci Operation cost me?

Answer: In spite of the high costs of the da Vinci system and no assumption of additional costs by the health insurance funds, a da Vinci prostatectomy without additional payment on the part of the patients who are medically insured in Germany is possible at the Hanover da Vinci Centre. Patients do not incur any additional costs for the da Vinci cystectomy either.

For patients without German medical insurance, the costs for the da Vinci prostatectomy are approx. EUR 15,500.

Question: What are the advantages of the da Vinci operation as compared to conventional surgical methods?

Answer: The da Vinci operation is very precise and minimally invasive.

Due to the 10-fold magnification, the three-dimensional view, the instruments that can be moved in all directions, the fine, jitterless movements, and the relaxed position of the surgeon, da Vinci operations can be performed with a precision which cannot be achieved with open operations. Additionally, the entire operation is performed with only very small cuts (minimal invasive).

Which for the patient means that the length of hospital stay can be significantly reduced. There is less pain, a lower infection risk, lower blood loss, fewer transfusions, lower scar formation and fewer disorders of wound healing. Due to rapid recovery, the patient is a position to resume his normal daily routine faster.

With the da Vinci prostatectomy, the healing rate is higher than in open, conventional operations due to the higher precision. Also, the nerve fibres that are important for an erection can be maintained much more precisely. At the Vinzenz Hospital, patients are normally discharged on the 3rd day following the operation.

Foreign patients can also leave the hospital on the 3rd day following the da Vinci prostatectomy. However, they should represent as outpatients for catheter removal on the 5th to 7th day following the operation.

For these days, we can arrange accommodation in a nearby hotel.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to stay in our department until the catheter is removed