da Vinci Zentrum

Field reports / Results

Since October 2011, over 500 operations were carried out with the system at the Hanover da Vinci Center.

Approx. 200 robot-assisted prostatectomies per year.

Less loss of blood

Since the introduction of the da Vinci system, the complication rate has been significantly lower both in prostatectomies and also in cystectomies. There is so little blood loss that hardly any blood reserves still need to be administered. A stay at the Intensive Care Unit is only very seldom necessary.

Better healing rates, less incontinence

Patients have less pain, are mobile much faster, and can be discharged significantly earlier. Patients that undergo a da Vinci prostatectomy are normally discharged on the 3rd day after the operation; in the case of the da Vinci cystectomy, on average on the 9th to 10th day following the operation.

Less pain, earlier discharges

For us, it is important that, in spite of the early discharge, patients can care for themselves at home autonomously and are not dependent on the help of a general practitioner, which is also reflected in our lower readmission rates.

Foreign patients can also leave the hospital on the 3rd day after the da Vinci prostatectomy. However, they should represent as outpatients for catheter removal on the 5th to 7th day following the operation.

For these days, we can arrange accommodation in a nearby hotel.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to stay in our department until the catheter is removed.